OSM Aviation attended the Innovation Forum Gulf & Near East

OSM Aviation

Last week, Fredrik Øygard (COO/CCO) and Karim Ayari (Sales Manager) attended the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Innovation Forum Gulf & Near East hosted by Etihad Airways in it’s hub city of Abu Dhabi (UAE) on the 8th of October.

This unique event touched upon a wide range of innovative ideas and ground-breaking initiatives in a multitude of areas within the aviation business. Airlines in the Gulf region have long been at the forefront of technology and innovation – enabling them to dominate and lead world-class customer centricity.

Fredrik Øygard (CCO/COO)

In his presentation,  Fredrik Øygard highlighted the importance of innovating and creating new business models in the operational environment of the airline, specifically in the Crew Management area:

Crew management is increasingly being considered a crucial and strategically important factor in the operational environment of the airline. Innovating and creatively rethinking the current operating models is proven to yield significant efficiencies in crew operations and cost structures. Reversing traffic, utilizing a global aviation talent, and leveraging on  International Civil Aviation Organization freedoms of the air are few examples of how innovative crew management methods can largely contribute to an airline’s transformation efforts.

Aviation is all about people.

Karim Ayari (Sales Manager)


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